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Farm Workshop


We believe that our farm is a blessing that was given to us by God in order for us to share His love for all of us through our mutual love for the farming lifestyle, connection to animals and nature, love for learning and growing, and desire for fellowship with one another.

Fellowship  Family  Holistic  Sustainable  Regenerative 

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We value our family and our family values of faith, love, compassion, grace, and joyful play. We created our farm to be a place where we can share our love of animals and the outdoors with our children, family, friends and community. Here we all learn about outdoor play, respect for animals and nature, exercise imagination, explore new concepts, and find peace in sound of the cattle grazing or in the joy of uncontrollable laughter.  At our farm you are part of the family and we love sharing it with you.

Holistic  Sustainable  Regenerative

Holistic Goal: In 2015, Erin graduated from Holistic Management International's beginning farmer/rancher program. This program helped us to develop our holistic goal for our operation and to establish our system of rotational grazing. We raise several species of livestock (goats, cattle, horses, and chickens) to increase the efficient usage of available grasses and other forages which

  • Increases animal health

  • Soil health

  • Reduces the need for medications

  • Creates a more enjoyable life for the animals by providing them fresh growing grasses and other forages year round. 

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