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Scrappy” is an easy going, 7-year-old grade mare and loves being around people. She leads, ties, loads, and lunges well. She has a current Coggins test and had her teeth floated in June. She also is current on her rabies vaccine, Rhino/Flu vaccines, worming, and hoof trimming. Scrappy is an easy keeper, quiet and very patient on the ground. She has been caught, led, tied, brushed, and saddled by myself and our kids. I have also driven her with long lines. She has been ridden on trail and in in an arena.

I bought her for my husband to trail ride on, but she bucks when turning right. She also has dropped fetlocks in the rear. Scrappy does not exhibit signs of pain when not being ridden; however, while being ridden she seems unbalanced when turning right and after riding, she showed signs of soreness in her back. I suspect old suspensory ligament injuries or a ligament condition causing her instability when the weight of a rider is added, but when she is not carrying a rider she has no signs of lameness.

I am selling Srappy as a companion horse or pet. She will not be available for riding. She will not be sold with any guarantees. A pre-purchase exam can be conducted at the buyer’s expense.