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Own Your Own Cattle Program

Want to own cattle without the high costs of purchasing land or the daily tasks of feeding and managing them? Let us do the work for you and you still get to experience the benefits of cattle ownership. Own Your Own Cattle Program Partners receive 2 tickets to our quarterly Ranch Working Days, as well as, 2 tickets to our Spring/Fall cattle working days and free individualized consultation.

Interested in expanding and owning your own cattle someday? Participating in our Own Your Own Cattle Program can help you meet some of the eligibility for low interest loans specifically for agriculture producers. Ask us how.


How It Works

  1. Choose your cattle:

    • Yearling Steers (castrated males intended for beef): Waygu/Angus or Angus

    • Yearling Heifers (young females for raising calves):

    • 2 Year Old Bred Heifers (Heifers bred to our Waygu/Angus Bulls)

  2. Choose your grazing term:

    • Steers- 6 months or 1 year

    • Heifers- 1 year with ability to renew annually

  3. Complete your initial payment through our online store

  4. Complete and return your Grazing Agreement

    • The Grazing Agreement will be sent to you after you complete your payment​

  5. Join us at our next Ranch Working Day to visit your cattle!

Click HERE for a detailed breakdown of our Own Your Own Program Payments and Terms.

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