Own Your Own Program

Owning your own calf and grazing it with us allows you the benefits of cattle ownership without the high costs of purchasing land and paying the high costs of feeding and managing your cattle. We do the work for you and invite you to join us to visit your animal and experience the joys of cattle ownership. We include 2 tickets for each Own Your Own Program partner to our quarterly Ranch Working Days and at our Spring/Fall cattle working days.

Interested in expanding and owning your own cattle someday? Participating in our Own Your Own Cattle program can help you meet some of the eligibility for low interest loans specifically for agriculture producers. Ask us how.


How It Works

Choose your animal and choose how long you want us to graze out your animal. We will send you the custom grazing agreement to sign and submit with your payment. Then we will send you an invoice for the initial payment of your animal and a monthly invoice for only $2 per day to care for your animal. 

  • Payment and Terms for Steers (young castrated males): Initial payments based on the animal weight at time of purchase. Final payments are made at the end of the term and based on ending weight of the animal minus its weight at the beginning of the term.

For example, if your animals purchase weight is 400 lbs. and at the end of the term it weighs 900 pounds, your final payment would be based on 500 lbs. (900 lbs.-400 lbs.= 500 lb. difference)

  • Payment and Terms for Heifers (young females): Heifer payment and terms through age 14 months is the same as steers. After 14 months, the custom grazing agreement is renewed in one-year increments and includes a fee of $2 per day to cover her upkeep plus an annual breeding fee of $300 paid through a monthly subscription.

Choose your animal below then complete the form HERE to Own Your Own Cattle today!​