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Welcome to our Grass Fed Angus Beef Purchasing Options

Our cattle are raised on pasture their entire lives without antibiotics or added hormones. At Growin on Faith Farm we focus on genetics, pasture quality, low-stress handling, animal health, and plenty of room to roam to increase the quality and taste of our beef. Here at our farm, we value happy, healthy animals.


We finish our cattle on high quality forages only available at certain times of the year to ensure our customers receive great tasting, high quality beef. Beef by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole is scheduled for processing once the whole animal is sold. All of our local processors are experiencing long wait times; however, we will do our best to get animals to the processor as soon as they are sold. Retail cuts are available on a first-come basis. 

All of our beef is dry aged for 14 days to increase flavor and tenderness. 

Prices include processing & packaging and are based on hanging weight.

25% deposits are required at the time we receive your order based on an estimated 500 lb. hanging weight. The remaining amount will be due before the order is picked up and will be totaled based on the actual hanging weight. 

5% discount for Veterans, Active Duty Military, & First Responders.

Whole Angus Beef Order

$3 150.00
In stock
Product Details

An order for a Whole Waygu Angus Beef includes the following retail cuts unless requested otherwise*:

  • Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Ribs
  • Brisket
  • Ground meat (1 lb., 2 lb., or 5 lb. packages)
  • Fajita meat
  • Stew meat or cutlets
  • Soup bones

*Customers ordering a whole or 1/2 side of beef will be offered a chance to specially select their cuts of beef if desired.

A 25% deposit for a 450 lb. whole beef at $7 per lb. will be required before the animal is processed. The price includes standard processing costs. Additional processing will cost extra.

The remaining total will be due before the order is picked up.

**Prices are based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before it is processed into individual retail cuts**

Plan on approximately 9 cu ft. of storage for a whole beef order.

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