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Our Angus+/Brangus heifers and cows are bred to our Waygu/Angus bulls for 2023 calves. These bred heifers/cows are having their 1st or second calf and are 4 years old or younger.


All cattle incur a monthly charge of $60 per head (billed separately) to cover your heifer's grazing, supplements, and health monitoring. Heifers are eligible for 1 year grazing contracts with option to renew annually. Additional grazing contracts for calves after they are 8 months old. 


Additional Services Included:

-2 tickets to our Quarterly Ranch Working Days and 2 tickets to our Spring & Fall Cattle Working Days

-Individualized Coaching regarding selection and management of cattle, agriculture resource and technical assistance guidance, connections to local farming/ranching networks, agriculture funding source guidance, marketing your beef guidance

-Assistance with finding and scheduling your steer with a local processor

Bred Angus Cow

  • Once we receive your initial payment, we will send you a Grazing Agreement to complete and return. Please ensure your contact information is correct upon checkout.

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